Dry cleaning, and the increasingly popular wet cleaning, add value to your favourite items by prolonging their life.

People buy clothes to wear them more than once so, how do you maintain clothing and keep them on point?

Having checked the care label and read the instruction (see our code to care labels here), you may find a trip to a dry cleaner is on the cards. 


  1. If you are sending any items to the dry cleaners, make sure you empty your pockets! It is surprisingly common to find a pen left in a pocket that can cause irreparable damage to your clothing.
  2. Inspect your garment, are you aware of it's current state? Is there a tear, small hole or rip? If so, point it out to your dry cleaner, they are likely able to mend it for you as well as clean the garment.
  3. Always look for a dry cleaner or wet cleaner that is a TSA Member, that way you know they are complying with a Code of Practice (read the Code of Practice here).
  4. Know your preferences. Are you someone that would prefer traditional dry cleaning or, would you rather have the new wet cleaning process used to clean your garments? Learn more about the differences here.
  5. Wherever possible, keep the receipt of purchase or proof of purchase for your item to prove the age of the item if required.



A dry cleaner in today's world is streets away from the historic stories from back in the '80s and '90s. The process is perfectly safe and depending on the item, a dry cleaner won't necessarily "dry clean" the garment! Really, the dry cleaner is your helping hand to keep on top of the laundry and prolong those garments you loved so much when you bought them.

Dry cleaners are restoration artists, restoring your garments to be as good as new so you can wear them again, and again.

As your #drycleaningheroes they renew your clothing, saving them to continue for another day so, visit your local TSA dry cleaner today.

If you need any support - we're here to help. If you've had a problem with a TSA member, use the "Get Advice" form to get in touch today - TSA liaises between you and the cleaner to ensure the fairest deal for the situation. If your cleaner is not a TSA member, you can contact organisations such as the Citizens Advice Bureau for guidance on what to do if you have an issue.